A Door Closes and a Window Opens

A few months ago I applied for a teaching position in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  I went to Chicago in March for the interview and did not get offered a job.  I struggled with the rejection for weeks afterward until a small, still voice said Angela this world does not revolve around you and where was I (God) in all of this?  For some reason I ALWAYS have to fall flat on my face first before I p…lace everything in God’s hands.  Well I realized the error of my ways and moved on.  I still have a job with Dallas ISD that is secure.  I received an email 2 weeks before Mothers Day asking if I was still interested in teaching in the UAE.  With my priorities straight and placing it all with the Lord, I said yes.  I had a telephone interview then a face-to-face in Houston on Mothers Day.  They offered me a position a week later, which I accepted.  I’m going through the paperwork process now but if it is God’s will I will be leaving the states in August for a 2-year contract.  I’m excited to say the least, my kids are all independent (yes they are excited for their mama), my parents are in great health (yes, they are excited as well)  and I’m believing that now is the time to try something new. #Detroit-Phoenix-Austin-Dallas-Abu Dhabi


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